ZiBlue has just celebrated its first anniversary in March and we would like to thank all the community and stakeholders in our ecosystem (Pole SCS, Telecom ParisTech, BPI France, Innovagrasse, etc.).

The ZiBlue solution (www.ziblue.com) is currently being finalized. Today we are working on pairing radio peripherals in MyZihome (Z-wave, Enocean, Zigbee and all the protocols supported by the RFPlayer). The community has allowed us to test the solution and has already shown its integration in public objects: BBox, Sony Bravia …

ZiBlue’s Hardware division, RFPLayer (www.rfplayer.com) has launched the RFP1000, which has been on sale via its European distribution network since 15 March. We work naturally on the US version of the RFP1000 and on other keys that will soon see the light. Thanks to these keys, all the Smarthome solutions that wish to be able to integrate new brands of devices and free the users. Long live interoperability!

ZiBlue’s One Year is about innovation, participation in the CES, the labeling of Innovative Businesses of the Poles and of course many meetings …

See you all and thank you for this beautiful first year. A special thanks to the historical professionals of the Smarthome who gave us a warm welcome !

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The ZiBlue Team