Using RFPlayer on eedomus to add the automation protocols Orno Smart Living, Chacon/DI-O, Intertechno…

This guide explains how you can easily add products using the Orno Smart Living communication protocol on the home automation system eedomus, using the USB dongle RFPlayer. We aim to cover many different home automation systems that are compliant with the RFPlayer. … Read More

A great first year !

ZiBlue has just celebrated its first anniversary in March and we would like to thank all the community and stakeholders in our ecosystem (Pole SCS, Telecom ParisTech, BPI France, Innovagrasse, etc.). The ZiBlue solution ( is currently being finalized. Today … Read More

Installing the ZiHome system on a Sony Bravia Android SmartTV

We shown an a previous post how the ZiHome could be installed on a TV box running Android (with the example of the Bbox Miami). Today, we will show you the same process on an Android Smart TV : Sony’s Bravia.

First impressions on the RFPlayer, a new multiprotocol transceiver

The RFPlayer is a newcomers amongst USB communicating gateways meant to be used for home automation. It consists of a little dongle with two antennas. The dongle is simply plugged in an USB port and acts as a transmitter and … Read More

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