4 steps to add a home automation hub inside a device

Download Zihome on Google Play: your home automation hub

From the comfort of your home, start by selecting the Android device to which you want to add the home automation box app. For example, your smart TV or your TV box are ideal for hosting your new home automation box. Go to the Google Play Store on your smart TV or TV box to find and install the Zihome App.

Zihome is also available for Linux devices.



Launch Zihome

Once Zihome is installed, go to the Android app menu. Click on the Zihome app to launch Zihome.

In the Zihome options, set the Autostart option to “On” or “Enabled“.

Create your Zihome account

Using your PC or Mac, go to www.ziblue.com and click on MyZiHome in the top right corner of the page (make sure you are on the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet network as the base hosting Zihome – e.g. your Smart TV or your TV Box). Click on Sign up.

Then, on your TV, click on the blue “Zi” button located at the center of the Zihome screen to enable your computer to detect your Zihome.

The Sign up window will show “Found Zihome” with its identification number. To complete your registration, enter your email address, choose a username and password, accept the Terms and Conditions and click on Sign up.

Remotely control your home automation hub

Get the user interface provided by the device manufacturer hosting Zihome.

By default, the application ImperiHome is the user interface of Zihome.

The user interface allows you to take control of the radio-communicating devices which you have added to ZiHome during the “Add your radio communicative objects to ZiHome” step.

Bring your home automation box to life, create new Services

Select the right radio protocol of communication

Each brand of radio communicating objects works with a specific radio protocol given by the manufacturer. Zihome manage a large number of radio protocols. The device integrating Zihome needs to get the telecom USB dongle corresponding to the right radio protocol. Zihome is working with most of the telecom USB dongle of the market ( Z-Wave, Enocean, RFXcom, RFplayer…).

Click here to see the list of USB telecom dongle

Add your radio communicative objects to Zihome

Log in to MyZihome with your username and password.

Select Objects from the left side menu, then click NEW OBJECT to add your connected objects and devices to Zihome.

Create scenarios (event automation)

Log in to MyZihome with your username and password.

Select Scenarios from the left side menu and click Create New Scenario to create your first scenario.